Sublime Garden


Established Garden


Prolific Wildlife

This garden is a blend of Australian and exotic plants designed around spectacular granite outcrops which truly define this garden.

As experienced landscapers  the current owners have built upon the work of the mine manager, using local cut granite and rounded granite rocks which were found on the property. As keen gardeners, they set about making planting changes to put their individual stamp on this property. The garden has now a framework of deciduous trees which provide interest in all seasons and in spite of its size, is a relatively low maintenance garden.

To create a cool oasis in summer, in 2008, Neil Tait, (Tait Decorative Iron) and his crew built a massive pergola. This, and a wooden pergola, are covered with established wisteria and crimson glory vine (Vitis coignetiae) and provide a cool and shady area for relaxing and entertaining on summer days.

The garden has flourished and the changing seasonal views give pleasure to all who come here.

After some eleven years of intense work this is a very different property to the one the owners came to. Thanks to careful plant selection it is now a haven for birds and many of the plants are rare and unusual and cannot be grown in Castlemaine or in the colder valley below.

In 2012 this garden was selected to participate in the 2012 biennial Castlemaine Festival of Gardens. The owners were also invited to join the Australian Open Garden program.

Fallen Glory Autumn


Granite Landscaping

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