Productive Vineyard



The vineyard was planted in 2000 and comprises of three hundred Cabernet Sauvignon vines. There are also three vines of Muscatel table grapes and one Sultana vine, all excellent eating grapes.

The resulting wine is made by Paul Greblo at Sandhurst Ridge Winery at Marong. It is blended with other grapes from the northern side of Bendigo which results in a wonderful partnership of two different climates and soil types. The wine has been frequently praised by wine writers and has been included in various wine offers.

Grape harvest is around mid April when a small group of friends spend the morning picking, followed by a long, relaxed lunch and afternoon – with some wine of course.  Always a very enjoyable, social occasion.

Olives from the olive grove, form important additions to enjoying the lifestyle offered by this property. In productive years olives are locally processed to make olive oil and each year the owners pickle olives for the table. There are table and oil olives. There is also stone fruit and citrus fruit in abundance to preserve, dry or pickle. There even is an avocado tree.



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